Green Ideas Applied to Suburban Sprawl

In Fort Collins we really don’t have too many outlying suburbs that are a LONG distance in to the center of town similar to large cities like Los Angeles or Miami, but I was sent this video from a reader of the blog (thanks Harris!). It describes the lengths that cities and towns with suburban sprawl can go to in order to recreate the suburbs for the new standard of “green living” that is so important in today’s media. Click here and check it out, it’s pretty interesting and I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

Colorado Rocks!

It looks like we here in Colorado just keep getting the accolades piled on our state! Colorado has been voted the third best state for businesses for the second year in a row by CNBC. In addition Fort Collins has been voted number 6 best place to live by Money Magazine (Click Here), this is the 4th year in the top 10, and we were number 1 in 2006.

If you live here in Fort Collins you know that it really is an amazing place to live. Over the next few months I’ll be going through some of the best amenities that Fort Collins has to offer, hopefully I’ll point you in the direction of something that you didn’t know about Fort Collins or something that you’ve never had a chance to do here.

If you have any questions at all or would like more info on the Fort Collins area, just click here and let me know, I hope you have a great weekend!

Coming Attraction…

I wanted to let you know about a listing that I have coming up in the next couple of weeks on W Laurel Street. Renovations have just begun on it, and it will have 2 entirely new bathrooms, new flooring, and new paint. It has 2 living areas and is is just west of campus, and about 5 minutes to Old Town. Just a teaser for right now, but as soon as the work is completed I’ll get pics and video up on the blog. If you have any questions or would like a sneak peak at it during the construction phase if you’re interested in buying the property, I can certainly arrange that. Just give me a call or shoot me an email.

Keeping Up With Home Improvement

During my latest home improvement project, it crossed my mind that due to the current real estate market, many people are not selling their homes if they don’t have to. While that is a good idea especially if you live in a depressed market, you still need to perform upkeep on your home while you do continue to live there. Deferred maintenance can add up in the long run when a small problem becomes a big one, so performing a few simple tasks around the house while you sit on your home waiting for the market to rebound will save you money in the long run.

Basically, water is the biggest enemy to your home. It is a problem both inside and out, so take some preventative steps to keep it from becoming an expensive dilemma. First, make sure everything around water is sealed up. This means make sure all of the grout in your bathroom (especially around the tub and shower) is in good shape, and repair it if you need to. Also, don’t forget the grout behind your kitchen sink. If you have backsplash, there is even more area to take care of, but a lot of splashing and water damage can happen back there, and it’s not a place you pay much attention to.

With wood fences and decks, make sure they are stained or painted. In this Colorado climate where we go from freezing to sunny to rain in the same day, your fences take a huge beating. Your fence may need a staining every 2-3 years, depending on how protected it is from the elements. Decks and patios get additional wear from all of the walking on them, so make sure you keep those sealed up and in good shape as well, otherwise you’ll have your old friend H2O rotting out the wood (take it from someone who just had to rebuild his front porch steps).

Your home’s siding is another cost that can get out of control if you don’t take care of it. The bottom portion of the siding will get the most moisture due to being right near the ground, so pay extra attention to these boards (if you’ve got a vinyl sided or brick house, lucky you, less maintenance). Make sure they are painted and don’t start to rot, if they do, try and replace them as soon as possible. Stucco homes will suffer from the same issues, so make sure if any cracks do appear where water or moisture can get in, make sure to patch them ASAP. I just went to Home Depot last week and bought an 80 pound bag of stucco mix for about $5, so it’s not an expensive fix.

There are many more ways to make sure your home stays in good shape, whether you’re waiting to sell it or it’s where you’ll spend the rest of your life, and I’ll touch on some more of them in the future. While most of the stuff in this post is common sense, they are things that can fall by the wayside. So, this weekend, think about getting a few of these chores done, it could end up saving you quite a bit later on.

Fort Collins: The Dog Friendly City

I spent most of my life growing up at home with 3 or more dogs in the house on 80 acres in the mountains outside of Boulder. So when I finally went off to college at Colorado State, it was strange to not have a dog. As soon as I graduated and bought my first house, I set out on the dog search. You can’t have a house with a huge backyard without a dog! I decided on a Weimaraner, and named her Bella. I know all parents say this, but she has to be the most well behaved Weimaraner that I’ve ever met. She certainly has a lot of energy, but that’s the kind of dog I was looking for.

Worn out From Some Fun At The Park

When I moved into Old Town, and my girlfriend moved in with me, we decided that Bella was in need of a friend to keep her company and play with to get her energy out. We looked at a lot of different types of dogs, but settled on a Doberman Pinscher, and named her Haley. She is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet no matter what you’ve heard about Dobermans. She will definitely protect us if needed, but if you’re a friend, she’ll just sniff and lick you.

Looking Cute!

Well, the point of this post is to tell you what you can do with your dog in Fort Collins, so I’ll stop fawning over my dogs for a bit. First, the dog parks in Fort Collins are located very conveniently. There is the Horsetooth dogpark at the far west side of Horstooth Road, and that is probably the biggest one in town. We frequent that one a few times a week, so if you see me there, say hi. Next, there is the park at the old Fort Collins High School at Peterson and Pitkin. This has been recently downsized due to a disagreement between the CSU marching band and dog owners, but there still is an area designated for dogs. City Park is also a great place to take your dog, just make sure they are very responsive to voice commands, because you can get in a bit of trouble with a crazy dog off leash with the ambiguous leash laws. Plus, it’s right on Mulberry street, so that’s another reason to keep your dog near you.

Speaking of City Park, one of the great events in Fort Collins is the City Park Pooch Plunge. This is put on by the City Park Pool at the end of the season for 2 days. For a minimal entrance fee, you and your dog can swim around in the pool, play with other dogs, and get a party favor for coming. It is an awesome time, although my Weimaraner got stung in the face last year by a bee, and she’s allergic. Other than that minor speed bump, it was a great time!

Fort Collins also offers great hiking trails and bike paths where you can take your pooch with you. I’d love to offer you some suggestions on what to do, so just give me a call!


While I have been blogging for years now, I am going to be rebuilding my blog here at KEVCO Real Estate, Investments & Property Management. There are some features that I will be bringing back from my old real estate blog, as well as new features to look forward to. I will still be doing neighborhood profiles and Property of the Week. In addition to those old favorites I’ll be giving you some investment-oriented posts that should be of value to you.

Let me also introduce myself for those of you who don’t know me. I have been working in Real Estate in Fort Collins for the last 6 years, having lived in Fort Collins for 9 years. I am a Colorado State University graduate (go Rams!) with concentrations in Real Estate and Finance, and have been specializing in the rental investment and Old Town Fort Collins markets since I began in this business.

If you have any questions for me, I invite you to give me a call or shoot me an email at 970-673-7285 or

Thanks, and I look forward to posting!