New Beginnings at Windermere Real Estate!

Windermere-LogoI am excited to bring you great news not just for me, but for my clients! I have accepted the opportunity to help open, run, and manage Windermere Real Estate here in Fort Collins! I will continue to expand my real estate business and will be able to add even more value to all of my clients through the systems and technology that Windermere offers. Check out the website below for some info on the company as a whole.

I have spent just under 5 amazing years at KEVCO, and it is will continue to be a fantastic company that offers the best property management services in Colorado, and probably anywhere. I will continue to refer all of my investor clients to KEVCO, and I will continue to have my own investment properties managed by KEVCO.

I really look forward to sharing with you how I can help add value to your next transaction, or the transaction of anyone you would feel could be helped by my expertise, so feel free to call at anytime. I have setup this temporary email address until my license transfer is official, and will be checking it regularly.

I appreciate and value your continued support and your business, and look forward to working with you and your referrals in the future!



New Seller Website!

Fort Collins Home Price

Good morning everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have a new website for homeowners (or buyer’s) to check out and find your home’s value. If you know of anyone that is interested in finding out what they could sell their home for, have them check out

I hope you are all having a great day!

July KEVCO Newsletter

Newsletter – July 2014

April KEVCO Newsletter

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Newsletter – April 2014

March KEVCO Newsletter

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Property of the Week

Hello! Again, it has been a while since I’ve posted, but I have been doing about 25 hours a week of physical therapy for my knee, and that’s a part time job! I am back full time selling investment real estate to my clients, and there have been some good deals this fall. Every week KEVCO hosts an investment tour of properties in Fort Collins that would fit the model of student investment, so I’d like to bring these deals to you in case you’re ready to invest in the Fort Collins market. With the amazing interest rates for those who can get loans, monthly payments are down and cashflow is up. If you have a decent plan of holding onto a property (5+ years) then your annual yield can be higher than most other ways to invest your money*.

This week’s Property of the Week is an over/under duplex in Old Town Fort Collins that is priced very well for it’s location and condition. It features a new roof, electrical, and windows that will help keep maintenance costs down. There is one 2 bed 1 bath unit up and a 1 bed 1 bath unit down. The real value of this property is in that it is fully approved by the city and has gone through the process to be a “legal” duplex in the eyes of the city inspector. This can be a lengthy and expensive process, so the price of $209,000 I think is MORE than competitive. After tax cash flow (after ALL projected costs and mortgage payment) is in the $400 range, with annual projected yield over 5 years around 13%*.

Curb appeal and a new roof!

I’d like to also let you know that this is NOT a listing of mine, just what I consider a good deal in the market. If the Property of the Week is ever one of my own listings, I will certainly let you know. If you’d like to see the detailed investment analysis just shoot me an email or give me a call, I’d be happy to go over the numbers with you. Have a great rest of your week!

*Paul Hunter has attempted to present accurate calculations and realistic predictions. Please keep in mind that Paul is not a CPA. You are strongly urged to verify these figures with your CPA

Back From Knee Surgery!

So, I know I’ve been lacking when it comes to posting, but I have been in Vail at the Steadman Clinic receiving knee surgery and physical therapy for the last few weeks (a group of people that I can recommend VERY highly. They know what they’re doing and have the best care, doctors, and physical therapists). I’m back, and although I’m still on crutches for a few more weeks, this time I’m going to actually heal rather than languish in the sea of uncertainty and incompetence that was provided to me by my past surgeon here in Fort Collins.

My knee bending machine I was stuck in 8 hours per day for 2 weeks, good times!

I’m back every week now as well with our KEVCO Investment Tour, so any great properties I find will go up on the Property of the Week list, so keep an eye out for that. I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend, be safe if you’re attending Tour de Fat, and if you’re going to the CSU vs CU game at Invesco Field in Denver, then you better be rooting for the Rammies!

Fort Collins: The Dog Friendly City

I spent most of my life growing up at home with 3 or more dogs in the house on 80 acres in the mountains outside of Boulder. So when I finally went off to college at Colorado State, it was strange to not have a dog. As soon as I graduated and bought my first house, I set out on the dog search. You can’t have a house with a huge backyard without a dog! I decided on a Weimaraner, and named her Bella. I know all parents say this, but she has to be the most well behaved Weimaraner that I’ve ever met. She certainly has a lot of energy, but that’s the kind of dog I was looking for.

Worn out From Some Fun At The Park

When I moved into Old Town, and my girlfriend moved in with me, we decided that Bella was in need of a friend to keep her company and play with to get her energy out. We looked at a lot of different types of dogs, but settled on a Doberman Pinscher, and named her Haley. She is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet no matter what you’ve heard about Dobermans. She will definitely protect us if needed, but if you’re a friend, she’ll just sniff and lick you.

Looking Cute!

Well, the point of this post is to tell you what you can do with your dog in Fort Collins, so I’ll stop fawning over my dogs for a bit. First, the dog parks in Fort Collins are located very conveniently. There is the Horsetooth dogpark at the far west side of Horstooth Road, and that is probably the biggest one in town. We frequent that one a few times a week, so if you see me there, say hi. Next, there is the park at the old Fort Collins High School at Peterson and Pitkin. This has been recently downsized due to a disagreement between the CSU marching band and dog owners, but there still is an area designated for dogs. City Park is also a great place to take your dog, just make sure they are very responsive to voice commands, because you can get in a bit of trouble with a crazy dog off leash with the ambiguous leash laws. Plus, it’s right on Mulberry street, so that’s another reason to keep your dog near you.

Speaking of City Park, one of the great events in Fort Collins is the City Park Pooch Plunge. This is put on by the City Park Pool at the end of the season for 2 days. For a minimal entrance fee, you and your dog can swim around in the pool, play with other dogs, and get a party favor for coming. It is an awesome time, although my Weimaraner got stung in the face last year by a bee, and she’s allergic. Other than that minor speed bump, it was a great time!

Fort Collins also offers great hiking trails and bike paths where you can take your pooch with you. I’d love to offer you some suggestions on what to do, so just give me a call!